November 1, 2014
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Panasonic HC-X1000 Camcorder with Amazing 50p/60p 4K at 150Mbps from Nick Driftwood on Vimeo.

Nissin i40 Flash for FourThirds and Sony (Photographyblog).
Patent of the Panasonic 12-35mm lens at Egami.
Olympus Remote Control App Continues to Improve (TheDigitalStory).
Olympus E-M1 and 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 SWD Lens Combination—One Great Match! (Thewanderinglensman).
Full E-PL7 unboxing pics and review at Chiphell.
Metz 64 AF-1 Digital Flash Review (ePhotozine).
Tamron 14-150mm f/3.5-5.8 Di III Sample Photos (ePhotozine).
Kodak Pixpro S-1 Review (Photographyblog).

Omar:I thought you may be interested in sharing this promotional video, Field Biology that I shot with an Olympus EM-1 and 12-40 mm lens on a trip to South Africa:

Dan: “I’m a 4/3 shooter [ em1/gh4 ] and wanted to share some of my work. I push my 4/3 camera to the limit.. often taking them on helicopter in the middle of the night to shoot landscape photography… some of my 4/3 work can be found on my site and  my instagram @danorst

Julien:A short video made for testing the best way of expose shots with the GH3. Also a good opportunity to show some grading with FilmConvert.

Karen:Amateur Photographer magazine shoots its latest cover on 4K video, using a Panasonic GH4 DSLR, putting to the test whether this format is truly the future for photographers. Amateur Photographer, the world’s oldest weekly photography magazine, have asked the question ‘Could 4K video replace traditional photography?’ and put this to the test by shooting their 20th September 2014 cover with a Panasonic GH4 DSLR. This is the first photographic magazine cover of its kind ever to be published, and it trials a feature in which they test 4K video’s capabilities in a variety of scenarios, from studio portraits tooutdoor wildlife. Amateur Photographer’s Editor Nigel Atherton said, ‘Many AP readers are ambivalent about video, so the idea of 4K video modes being the next big thing to appear on DSLRs and CSCs is probably less than thrilling, but this week we show why you should think again.’ More info can be found here:

October 31, 2014
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Panasonic LX100 in Stock at BHphoto (and you get a free SD card too).


The Panasonic LX100 is now in Stock at BHphoto (Click here). You also get the Sandisk 64GB SD card for free!

And as posted previously do not forget to check out the immensly long PhotoPlus special deal list at BHphoto (Click here).

October 31, 2014
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BHphoto PhotoPus specials on a massive amount of stuff!


There is an immense list of discounted stuff you can see at BHphoto (Click here). This includes many lenses and cameras. Check it out!

October 31, 2014
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(FT4) Olympus quits the XZ line and will make the TRIP-D instead?

A trusted source told me that Olympus has no plan to launch another XZ camera. Just like Panasonic (with the LX100) Olympus will focus on large sensor fixed lens compact. Previous rumors I got suggested Olympus is working on a sort of digital Olympus Trip 35 camera (here on eBay).

The source didn’t unveil any details about such a future large-sensor compact camera. But Olympus better be hurry because that kind of market-segment is getting saturated soon…

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

October 31, 2014
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LX100 shooting report at Dpreview and review at Digitalversus.

DPreview (Click here) added the LX100 shooter experience report:

The LX100 let me shoot at ISO 12,800 and come away with results that impressed me. I’m not suggesting the LX100’s images are as good as those of a Nikon D810, or even the best APS-C camera: it uses a sensor area half that size. The corners can be a bit soft at some focal lengths and there doesn’t seem to be quite as much processing latitude (Raw dynamic range) as the latest sensors from Sony, but the LX100 has let me achieve more than I’d expect to do with any other compact.

Digitalversus (Click here) posted the full LX100 review and writes:

The Lumix LX100 hits where it counts. It boasts picture quality, speed, a generally bright lens, 4K video, an aperture ring, a shutter speed dial and an EVF, all in a relatively small body. However, between classic sobriety and geeky frills, don’t ask us whether it overdoes things or underdoes them… After all, it’s part-Panasonic, part-Leica. And there are worse things a camera can be.

Panasonic LX100 store links at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto. Europe at WexUKWex Germany. In Asia at Digitalrev.

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